Skup's Jewelry Profits Course Review

Skup’s Jewelry Profits Course Review – Devin Zander and Matt Schmitt’s ShineOn Course

Ah, e-commerce. It’s the business model – dropshipping in particular – I started with when I first learned to make money online. Devin Zander and HCOM Lite were the first programs I followed. Unfortunately, I never made significant profits. Still, I followed Devin Zander throughout his business iterations and watched much of his content.

Today, Devin Zander and Matt Schmitt teach e-commerce through their business called Skup. This article is my Skup’s Jewelry Profits course review, which will review the course that teaches you how to make money online with ShineOn print-on-demand jewelry.

What Is Jewelry Profits?

As the introduction mentions, Jewelry Profits is a course where Devin Zander and Matt Schmitt of Skup teach you how to make money online with ShineOn print-on-demand jewelry.

This business model revolves around starting a Shopify store, creating custom message cards for jewelry, and running ads to drive people to your store and make sales.

The great thing about print-on-demand and partnering with a company like ShineOn is that you don’t have to hold any inventory, manage shipping, or print designs yourself. ShineOn will automatically print your design and ship the product directly to your customer when you make sales through this business model.

Jewelry Profits teaches you how to do everything, from building the store, integrating ShineOn, creating products, running ads, etc., to using various best practices to increase sales.

Jewelry Profits Course Curriculum Summary

In Jewelry Profits’ current edition, there are seven sections of videos one can go through to learn all about selling print-on-demand jewelry with ShineOn. Here’s a summary of what you will be learning in Skup’s Jewelry Profits course:


The first section is an introduction to the course, which consists of three videos. First, a welcome message. Second, a video about the mindset you need to succeed. Third, an overview of the first half of the course. It’s a pretty standard introduction that many courses have.

Set Up

The second section is when you begin building a jewelry print-on-demand business. This part is about setting up Shopify and ShineOn and integrating them.

Most of it points you to checklists created by Shopify and ShineOn, which is generally enough for the majority. I do wish, however, that they gave some additional best practices.

Product Creation

After setting up your store and ShineOn, you’ll learn how to create designs and upload them to ShineOn and Shopify to make your product listings. Like the Set Up section, the content is good and helpful, but I wish they talked a lot more about creating winning designs.


The marketing section is when you finally begin to make money, and it’s the best section of the whole course, in my opinion. They’re highly focused on advertising via Facebook and teach straightforward but effective strategies you can use.


The marketing section is when most people stop, but if you do make it and find a winning product, Matt and Devin will then teach you multiple different Facebook scaling strategies to make even more money.

Building a Brand

If you made it to this point, you should be making quite a bit of money and know what you’re doing in the e-commerce world.

That being said, this section has a few videos on setting up SMS and email marketing to drive repeat sales and further increase revenue.

Gaps in the Boat

After the building a brand section, the rest of the course is just short supplemental videos. These videos are either on mindset, case studies, or old course iterations you can watch.

Now that we’ve covered the Jewelry Profits course curriculum, it’s time to get into the pros and cons. First, the pros.

What I Like About Jewelry Profits

1. Unique Business Model Few Others Are Teaching

The best part about Jewelry Profits is that it teaches a business model few others teach. If you want to learn how to sell ShineOn jewelry, Jewelry Profits is one of the best places to learn how to do it.

2. Straightforward Strategy

Additionally, the strategies Devin and Matt teach in the course are straightforward, particularly their advertising strategies.

They’ve made it clear when to cut ads, how much to spend, how to create converting ads, and who to target. The strategy for success is apparent – create, test, repeat.

What I Don’t Like About Jewelry Profits

1. Very Expensive

While the strategy is relatively straightforward, the business model is costly. I personally lost over $5k trying to sell print-on-demand jewelry and have met people in the Facebook group who’ve spent $10k before finally breaking even.

So, if you were interested because of the testimonials and case studies of people making five to six figures within their first couple of months, do understand that they spent about five to six figures to get there.

If you don’t have at least $500 to invest monthly, I advise you to avoid this business model.

2. Limited To One Advertising Strategy

Money isn’t the only problem I encountered when building a jewelry print-on-demand store. Another issue was the various Facebook restrictions I faced on my ads.

Executing the Jewelry Profits strategy is difficult when your ad account is blocked or restricted every other week.

And with this course’s cost, you figure they’ll teach alternative marketing strategies, but the extra videos are only high-level overviews.

3. The Jewelry POD Model Is Dying

My last problem with Jewelry Profits has nothing to do with the course but is the most significant issue to consider. The biggest problem is that the ShineOn print-on-demand model is dying.

When I first joined Jewelry Profits, I was excited about ShineOn print-on-demand because you can offer unique value through custom message cards. At the end of the day, however, everyone sells the same jewelry piece.

With the number of ShineOn jewelry vendors continuously rising, the value of ShineOn jewelry has decreased. Imagine buying one piece of jewelry for $80, only to see it sold elsewhere for $40.

The amount of spam and low-quality products generated by users looking to make a quick buck with ShineOn has also significantly lowered the perceived value of ShineOn jewelry.

In fact, a popular e-commerce platform, Etsy, has removed ShineOn as an integration, and I don’t see things getting better from here.

How Much Does Jewelry Profits Cost?

Though I mentioned the expensive nature of running a ShineOn jewelry business, I haven’t explicitly discussed how much the Jewelry Profits course costs.

Currently, the sales page charges you a whopping $1,750 for the course, which is way too expensive compared to other options. Sometimes, you can get the course at a considerable discount, but the price is still crazy expensive to most.

I personally got in when they ran a Black Friday deal that allowed me to pay monthly payments of $100 until I paid about $1k. This is still about five times more than what I believe Jewelry Profits should be sold for.

This price does not account for your other start-up costs either.

You’ll need a Shopify account to successfully follow the course, which will cost you about $50 per month. If you use Skup’s optional DFYJewelry software and themes, expect to shell out another $50 monthly and about $200 upfront, respectively.

These costs are not that bad, though. The issue lies in running Facebook ads. Depending on your experience and skill, you can spend thousands of dollars without making a profit, and it can feel like you’re gambling at a casino.

You need to have strict controls and budgets. I’d recommend being prepared to lose at least $500 monthly on ads.

Thus, be prepared to shell out about $2k just to get started and set aside at least $600 per month to run your business.

Is It Worth It?

Seeing all these costs, you probably wonder if Skup’s Jewelry Profits course is worth it.

My answer is a resounding no.

As I mentioned, I tested this business model and lost over $5k. It is possible to make sales, but profits are a completely different story.

I was able to make $2k in sales. It was never consistent and scalable, though. Everything I did felt like a stroke of luck, and I ran out of money before I could make things click.

This is the unfortunate reality of Skup’s Jewelry Profits. Most people will run out of money before they can succeed.

Jewelry Profits isn’t a scam or scheme. It’s just too expensive.

Skup’s Jewelry Profits Course Review

And that concludes my Skup’s Jewelry Profits course review! I hope you found this review of Devin Zander and Matt Schmitt’s ShineOn course helpful.

In conclusion, Jewelry Profits is a legit course teaching a unique, straightforward online business model. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive for what it teaches and is not worth it for the vast majority.

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Have you tried out Skup’s Jewelry Profits course? Any questions? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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Jewelry Profits by Skup is a course taught by Devin Zander and Matt Schmitt where you’ll learn how to sell custom message card jewelry through ShineOn and Shopify. It teaches a straightforward strategy that anyone can follow, but it is much too expensive for the vast majority.

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